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My signature Tiki mug design was created by legendary So-Cal artist KRAY of XXX Skateboards & is currently (since Aug. - Sept. 2014) being sculpted by master mug maker Tiki Diablo. I'm estimating at least 2-3 more months until limited production is ready by the Holidays.

All mugs will be 100% designed and manufactured in the USA - Not mass-produced overseas junk quality. At approximately 8" tall with a hefty base, the limited edition mugs will be individually numbered and glazed in color combinations that showcase Tiki Diablo's amazing attention to details.

PRE-ORDER NOW below or miss out on snagging mugs from the very first, extremely limited run - TBD but likely 100, 50 or even less! The first run will contain different glazes vs all open edition mugs sold thereafter, and I may even allow early customers to select two custom color combinations per mug (pending Tiki Diablo's approval).

Please Note: Mug numbers are determined by order sequence. Pre-order early and get a lower number!

Thanks for your support... Let's do this!!!
-Kahuna Kevin

kray, tiki, tiki mug, mug, art, xxx skateboards, krayola, kahuna kevin, tentacle, skulls, kraken
(LEFT) Kahuna Kevin Tiki mug design by KRAY: 2013-2014.
(RIGHT) Sept. 17 2014: Current mug sculpt in-progress by Tiki Diablo. It still requires a thicker base, tentacle details and other goodness... More to come as soon as I receive photos!


$125 Shipped

$150 Shipped

*Please watch this page or join my Facebook Page for the latest mug updates.*