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(Hangin' out at Notch's Tiki bar in San Jose, CA)

Aloha, I'm Kahuna Kevin!

I've been mixing cocktails for over 17 years for anyone willing to sit patiently and wait while I work my magic. A few years ago, a close friend and rum aficionado showed me the wonders of top shelf barrel aged rum. Since that day forward, I've been tinkering in my laboratory creating recipes and spilling many bottles of those same AAA quality aged rums so you don't have to. If you're a fan of exotic tropical cocktails and Tiki drinks that give a nod to legends Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic and Beachbum Berry, then you're about to add another soon to be classic to your cocktail book collection.

Like the rum masters above, I insist on using fresh fruit juices, top shelf rum & liqueur and pure sugar cane based syrups, with the addition of some really new and unique ingredient twists to separate my cocktails from the rest of the pack.

Are the cocktails any good? Is the book really worth purchasing? Instead of taking my word for it, read the many reviews on Amazon.com, the public forums at Tiki Central, websites like Tiki Talk & Rum Connection, The Zen Tiki Lounge Podcasts #202#203 and #218, or talk with one of the many Tikiphiles from Canada, USA, Europe to Australia who personally own and swear by my book. A full list of reviews is just a click away in the Reviews & Links section.

I'm happy to announce that Vol. 2 is finally released and contains 52 all new delicious cocktails, plus a full Ingredient Index. I've also taken feedback from my international readers and updated the recipe formatting to allow for easier ingredient substitutions. Both Volumes 1 & 2 will provide your home or professional bars with 92 outstanding cocktails!

Thanks very much for your support! Your emails, reviews and chatter on various forums are the sole reason I decided to proceed with a second book, and possibly a third. Everything I'm doing in 100% grassroots, so please spread the word and let your buddies know where to buy a book. Who knows, maybe one day I'll open my own Tiki bar.

Kahuna Kevin