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Kahuna Kevin's
'Why Is The Rum Gone?'
- Volumes 1 & 2
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Mixologist of Tiki Oasis 2014*

- 5/5 Rated by international customers and professional reviewers.
- A combined 3 years in the making and thousands spent on R&D to create each unique Tiki cocktail.
- All Tiki cocktails are captured in large full-color photographs so you can re-create each one exactly.
- Each recipe has a fill-in rating system: Rate & easily find your favorites while in a drunken stupor.
- Amateur or expert, these easy to follow recipes will impress guests and make parties unforgettable.
- Every book sale helps Volume 3's R&D progress, plus supports U.S. workers and local small businesses.

Kahuna Kevin's Why Is The Rum Gone? - Vol. 2 ~ 52 Recipes ~ 58 Pages ~ 2014 (Updated 3rd Edition)
Front Cover - Inside Pages - Back Cover


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Kahuna Kevin's 'Why Is the Rum Gone?' Vol. 2 is packed with 52 ALL NEW, delicious rum-based Tiki cocktail recipes you won't find anywhere else! Made with fresh ingredients, top-shelf rum and quality liqueurs, your taste buds and mind will be transported into a blissful tropical paradise.

Vol. 2 improves over its predecessor by simplifying ingredient substitutions. It now includes generalized ingredients PLUS all the original ingredient names/brands used by Kahuna Kevin (in parenthesis) so you can enjoy the exact cocktail as originally invented. There's also a full Ingredient Index listing rum, liquor, liqueur, juices, syrups, bitters, garnish and even individual spices by page numbers. Kahuna Kevin's Vol. 2 is fantastic value when combined with Vol. 1, totaling almost 100 unique, exclusive and seriously tasty cocktails!

Vol. 2 includes all updated features of Vol. 1: Printed on extra-thick glossy liquid resistant UV coated card stock, machine cut rounded corners and coil bound to lay flat for actual bar use.

$29.99 USD + S&H

Kahuna Kevin's Why Is The Rum Gone? - Vol. 1 ~ 40 Recipes ~ 48 Pages ~ 2014 (Updated 4th Edition)
Front Cover - Inside Pages - Back Cover



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'Why Is The Rum Gone?' - Vol. 1 is the first chapter in a series of highly acclaimed and awarded rum-based Tiki cocktail bar guides by Nor-Cal Tiki mixologist Kahuna Kevin. Intended for novice home bar enthusiasts to expert bartenders, Vol. 1 contains 40 OUTSTANDING all new and unique Tiki cocktails in an easy to follow and streamlined format. You'll find tropical and exotic libations ranging from spicy, sour, bitter, strong to exciting flavor combinations that'll keep you and your guests coming back for more. Combined with Vol. 2, that's nearly 100 new Tiki cocktails exclusive to Kahuna Kevin's series.

Coil bound for actual bar use, this hefty 48 page revised 2014 Edition now comes standard printed on even thicker card stock, it's laminated front to back with a liquid resistant high-gloss UV coating, plus machine-cut rounded corners and a fill-in drink rating system. Kahuna Kevin's cocktail books are proudly 100% MADE IN AMERICA, built to last and made to take repeated abuse on your bar. As a bonus, every book is signed by Kahuna Kevin prior to mailing!
$29.99 USD + S&H

-Kahuna Kevin

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