August 1st through August 16th, all 3 of my Tiki cocktail books are on sale to celebrate Tiki Oasis 2015 happening in San Diego mid-month. Take this opportunity to save big money, plus I'm tossing in a sweet round Kahuna Kevin Tiki logo sticker with every item you purchase. Buy 3 books on sale, get 3 stickers, no silly coupon codes needed! Thanks for your support! -KK

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wim thielemans (Flap's tikis):

Hi there my tiki-friend! I’ve been following your tikicocktail-stuff for a while and want to say, big up, respect and keep it up! I’d like to order the three books please..; do you ship to Europe? (Belgium) I’m a tiki-carver, i’m the only person in Belgium who makes tiki-mugs and i’m a big tiki-cocktail lover!! ;-) So i’m really interested in buying your books as well… Please let me know how you’d like me to arange this order… I can pay with paypall… Mahalo and hear ya later! B-)

August 07, 2015

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04/25/2017 UPDATE:
Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idol Tiki Mugs just added to the shop! Only $74 plus s&h.

The very last 4 Signed & Numbered Red Lava & Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs just arrived and are ready to ship.

NumbSkull Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Idol Bastard Blue & Gold Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Forest Brown Tiki Log cocktail bowls are in short supply & on sale! 2 new signed & numbered Super Limited Editions also just added!

<<<- All 3 of my Tiki cocktail books are on sale. Save a bunch and own the entire trilogy - That's 136 unique Tiki drinks for your Summer parties!

Limited Edition men's & women's logo shirts are on BLOWOUT SALE! Gottta go, I need the space for mugs & shipping supplies.

There's also a very limited number of signed Vol. III book and aromatic cocktail bitters bundles if you're looking for something extra special.

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Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idols Just Added!

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