Production is progressing, and manufacturer Lunacy FX is currently in the prototype phase testing glaze combinations and painting of the Bowling Ball (Skip below to see very early photos of prototypes). Please note these are extremely early tests, literally the first ones being shown to you, and don't reflect or meet the final production goals.

First off, the face glaze test is much too dark and will instead need to be a much lighter tan color to represent carved light wood.

Also the Bowling Ball rear text will not be red,  as the main exterior body will be painted with color shifting chameleon paint.

The ball rear text will either be the same uniform color paint as the body, or possibly white glaze, but glaze may not be possible since text details are very small and susceptible to errors, which could mean rendering a bowl junk if either the paint or glaze has issues = a lot of time and effort wasted.

I want to have the best looking mugs produced, but not at the cost of a high percentage of work possibly being trashed and restarted from scratch, causing huge cost overruns. It's already a big complicated set of designs.

Unfortunately, the work being done at Lunacy FX takes so much time and detailed manual skilled labor, that full production most likely will not be completed by the end of May, so we'll need to adjust the tentative completion date to end of June for now.

I want the mugs done as soon as possible but not at the cost of quality, and I hope everyone understands why it's important to not rush artists = when they have the time to do it right, experiment, and the artists enjoy what they're actually working on instead of dreading a rush job, the end results will be that much better!

As always I will share updates as I receive them to keep everyone posted on time frames, more sneak peeks and anything else.

Now enjoy the awesome prototype photos!!!

And Big Mahalo for supporting this project with your reserve pre-orders! - KK


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