Quick and to the point:

  • Still no mugs done/delivered by mug manufacturer Lunacy FX.
  • There were 4 failed attempts/deadlines to get mugs delivered by mid and end of November.
  • I have to re-file non-delivery evidence with my credit card against mug manufacturer Lunacy FX.
  • Production has been "cut in half" to 50 mugs in an attempt to get something (anything at this point) delivered.
  • Lunacy FX has stated in a text message he is "shutting down his shop".
  • I'm still being told "just a bit longer and you'll have mugs".
  • I will be offering refunds to those who no longer wish to wait for mugs, starting with Credit Card purchases first as they are more complicated and involve shifting my personal funds around. PayPal orders are much easier to refund and deal with. To date all pre-order funds (minus shipping costs) have been used to pay down the large starting costs of production, and Lunacy FX will NOT refund my money after many requests to stop production, refund, etc. and has also stated he no longer has my down payment to refund anyways. My money is gone and I have NO MUGS. Or as I call this, THEFT.

October & November came and went, and mug manufacturer Lunacy FX had over an additional month to deliver mugs he promised, missed 4 additional deadlines agreed to, and here we are December 1st where yet again I'm being promised 50 mugs shipping on December 4th.

Production was cut in half by Lunacy FX as he (yes HE as everyone else over there has either quit or been fired) is incapable of delivering 100 Pin or Bowling Ball mugs. I actually asked to cut production in half months ago to meet deadlines, but he refused then. Par for the course with Lunacy FX failing to shift plans to meet deadlines. Absolutely infuriating.

On top of not having a single mug shipped or delivered, I've been told he (Lunacy FX) is closing shop soon as they no longer have the funds to operate. With how badly my production and funds have been mismanaged, I'm not at all shocked.

While all this has been occurring I've been repeatedly told to just wait a little longer and a revised production of 50 Pin mugs will be done on December 4th.

Whether that delivery deadline is true or not, after all the lies and missed deadlines, today and on I will be offering refunds to anyone who has an open pre-order on mugs. I'm tired of waiting, tired of the excuses, and have no other recourse but to re-file a 2nd fraud and non-delivery claim with my credit card. Astoundingly the first attempt failed, with over 40 text messages as evidence of failed shipping deadlines, not 1 mug shipped or delivered, and not a single valid tracking number as proof of anything shipping. If anyone reading this uses Discover Card for their business purchases, please take note from my personal experience attempting to recover my losses. What an absolute joke!

I will be contacting Credit Card pre-orders starting tonight first to offer refunds as that process from my shop backend is much more complicated than PayPal purchases. Once I get those Card Payments squared away I can start processing PayPal refunds at a much faster rate.

For those who wish to continue waiting in hopes Lunacy FX pulls through and actually ships mugs December 4th, you are free to request a refund at any point afterwards. Despite Lunacy FX's promises, I have no idea if I will ever see a single mug shipped before 2019 ends or ever. It may happen this month, maybe Jan. 2020, maybe never and a total loss of money and time.

The crazy part is I actually told Lunacy FX they are officially fired and to stop all production after failing the last couple shipping deadlines HE AGREED TO in November. He still insists mugs are being done and will be shipping Dec. 4th.

At this point I do not trust a single word from the owner and would be shocked if a package of 50 mugs shipped by that date with proof of tracking numbers. My sincerest apologies to everyone who waited so long. This has put a massive halt to my personal life and business, where I typically make most of my big mug sales through the Holidays. I'm currently at $0.00 for the Holidays with potential to owe my business credit card the entire cost of starting production, PLUS refunding everyone, as Lunacy FX has none of my funds to refund.

If and when this BS is done and over with I will move on and work with another manufacturer to get these mugs done on time (if they never arrive from Lunacy FX), plus other mug projects I've had on hold now for nearly a year!

Now enjoy some of my personal favorite excuses and text messages from Lunacy FX between October-November below. This is just a fraction of the BS and lies I've had to put up with all year, every month...



^^^Screenshot from Lunacy FX Instagram page, where he finally publicly admits the timelines he provides and agrees to, "deadlines", "delivery dates", "shipping estimates", are a complete fabrication and he only says these things to repeatedly push back worthless delivery dates and take on new projects and money from hard working folks who rely on receiving product on time and when promised.

Written by Kahuna Kevin —

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