John Mulder of Eekum Bookum Tiki was kind enough to drop off a small batch of artist proof test glazed Idol Bastard Tiki mugs while I was attending Tiki Oasis 2016. They look awesome, but John wants a couple more weeks to nail down the glazing technique which will brighten up the overall blue color a bit.

That said, I'm shifting the shipping date back to late September to compensate for additional test glaze experiments and shipping to my home location. From there I need to inspect all 80 mugs, sign and number the 50 Limited Editions and lastly get everything together for repackaging and shipping which will occur in the exact order of original purchase date.

For you folks who pre-ordered very early on, some as far back as April (THANK YOU!!!) your mugs will be first in line for shipping, and anyone at the tail end of the 50 Limited Editions can expect another couple weeks delay from the date those first batches go out. Boxes will be fairly large (double-boxed for extra protection) and I can only fit so many in my car, which is the main shipping bottleneck, but I figure at least packing and shipping 5 mugs a day will be feasible as in the past.

As of this update there are only 2 Limited Edition Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs left, No's. 49 & 50, so snag them quick!!!

Stay tuned for more updates as the final production mugs are almost here!!! I hope you're as excited as I am to FINALLY get these beauties shipped! Big Mahalo for all your patience and overwhelming pre-orders. -KK

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04/25/2017 UPDATE:
Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idol Tiki Mugs just added to the shop! Only $74 plus s&h.

The very last 4 Signed & Numbered Red Lava & Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs just arrived and are ready to ship.

NumbSkull Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Idol Bastard Blue & Gold Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Forest Brown Tiki Log cocktail bowls are in short supply & on sale! 2 new signed & numbered Super Limited Editions also just added!

<<<- All 3 of my Tiki cocktail books are on sale. Save a bunch and own the entire trilogy - That's 136 unique Tiki drinks for your Summer parties!

Limited Edition men's & women's logo shirts are on BLOWOUT SALE! Gottta go, I need the space for mugs & shipping supplies.

There's also a very limited number of signed Vol. III book and aromatic cocktail bitters bundles if you're looking for something extra special.

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