Hi everyone! I just wanted to do a mega update showing progress on the Pinhead and Bowling Ball mugs. Lunacy FX Ceramics has been working like mad after getting the face glazes nailed down last month to complete production. The images below are a collection of photos received over the past month and recently this week showing older test glazing samples, test painting and even full production going on at the facility in Florida.

A couple days ago I was excited to get word from Lunacy FX that the first batch of mugs are nearing completion and in the final stages of glazing and painting. We're hoping to start shipping the earliest pre-orders out in September. As always I will keep you updated how things are progressing, or if there's further delays. Shit does happen and these have to be PERFECT!

The worst thing that happens at this stage is if mugs are nearly done and one of the last processes, either glazing or painting has a flaw, which basically means starting those mugs entirely over from scratch. Not fun at all, but we don't want to deliver any mugs that are subpar in terms of overall quality. We want both of these mugs to be incredible center showpieces in your collections!

With that said, PLEASE CHECK AND MAKE SURE YOUR PRE-ORDER SHIPPING ADDRESSES ARE CURRENT! Some of the earliest orders were taken months ago and if you moved, your mug/s will be sent to the wrong address!

Now on to the photos!!!

That's a lot of mugs...


Old face test glazes... These failed. But failure is necessary to progress in the right direction. Slow process, but sometimes random effects end up being the winners. Face glazing tests took about a month of trial and error failures to finally get what we were both looking to achieve.

Bowling ball test paint. Face is covered with liquid latex which is removed later...

Final wood grain style face glaze success!!! There's about 4-5 layers of glaze, each layer needs to be fired separately over 24 hours, and the texture grain lined are also hand etched. So every mug will look totally unique, not identical like a mass produced mug.

Pinhead mugs being prepped for face glazes...

More pinhead mug preparation...

Face dark glaze undercoat and now getting another layer on top...

Pin rear being hand glazed red using a needle. This has to be done 100x without screwing up or the mug is garbage and destroyed. No pressure lol!

Bowling ball prepped for painting. Face is coated with liquid latex to prevent overspraying and wrecking the multiple glazes underneath. Any overspray or paint issues and the mug is garbage and destroyed, and started all over from scratch. Again, no pressure lol!

Ball hand airbrushed with purple chameleon. Underneath is black primer, didn't show that step, but after the purple dries, glossy clear coat then has to be applied with prismatic metal flakes! The final effect will be a bowling ball that color shifts from purple to blue to pink, and sparkles like a 1970's retro ball. This can't be done with normal firing glazing techniques and this is why we opted to do this expensive but time consuming process of airbrushing using actual custom-blended automobile paint. It's going to look AMAZING!!!

More pinhead mugs getting multiple face glazes, first batch almost done and ready to send my way. Red stripes are applied last.

Bowling balls getting cleaned up and faces detailed to simulate wood grain grooves before moving on to multiple glazes then painting.

More pinhead mugs moving towards the final glazing steps!

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