This is not a fun month or update, so let me get straight to the details...

Mug producer LunacyFX has failed yet again to ship batches of mugs they promised would be ready 3x this month, the last being mid-month where FedEx was blamed for losing the shipment, and no tracking # was provided. I'm lenient to a point with manufacturers and productions, as repeated delays can happen, but this latest shipping debacle and sloppiness was it. I've absolutely had it with the excuses.

Now 7 months (and going) over the original quoted delivery estimate, I get this excuse? I'm as frustrated as you are at this point, and have given LunacyFX a hard shipping date end of November 2019 for 100 Pin mugs - NO EXCUSES. Bowling balls are on permanent hold until the Pins are 100% done and delivered.

I've also taken measures to have the down payments for both mugs reviewed by my credit card and charges temporarily reversed while that process occurs. I've also uploaded over 40 phone text screenshots of promised deliveries, missed deadlines, etc. as evidence of failure to deliver product that was promised.

It is in now in LunacyFX's best interest to (pardon my French) get off their collective asses and deliver as promised the first half of the project, 100 Pin mugs, by end of November. Once (and IF) that happens, we can resume work on the Bowling Balls.

If LunacyFX fails this last deadline to deliver mugs, I will be contacting everyone who ordered to process refunds - meaning I am making the decision to halt and scrap this project altogether - at least with this particular manufacturer.

I can not in good faith let this project continue off the rails while my (and your) money is held with no end in sight and no proofs of work - I still have yet to receive physical prototypes of both finished mugs promised months ago.

I've been selling and producing merchandise on KahunaKevin.com since 2009, and this is NOT how I operate, and many apologies to those who funded this project for the seemingly unending delays. I've been trying for months to get your orders fulfilled only to receive more delays, excuses and push back.

It's time for LunacyFX to deliver as promised or be financially cut off. I hope at this point they fix whatever is delaying production and deliver. I will keep everyone updated as that end of November date nears. I'm hoping for the best, but already prepared for the worst.

This will be a complete loss of time and effort for everyone involved if LunacyFX fails to deliver, so all I can do at this point is hope they pull it off by next month.

Edit: I've since pulled the mugs off my homepage, but they're still located in the Mugs section, with a note - No new orders until I receive solid proof mugs are done and being shipped.

Best Regards,

Written by Kahuna Kevin —



This is indeed bad news but as always, I thank you for your shared information. In light of this bad news and to provide some support; I’ve placed another order for more bitters and Volume#2. Love those port barrel finished bitters! :)

November 06, 2019

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