Voodoo Bamboo Tiki Mug Pre-Orders Start JAN 19, 6:00PM PST!

Series #2 of the Voodoo Bamboo mugs is under production and almost done. Pre-orders to reserve mugs will be open starting Jan. 19 at 6:00pm PST sharp. Only 30 available.

Mugs are glazed in a brown bamboo color, come with hand braided rope with cast Harpy Eagle talons, each one is signed by manufacturer PopTiki and myself, etch nunbered #/30, as a bonus each order will include a signed & numbered Voodoo Bamboo cocktail recipe postcard and Kahuna Kevin logo drink coaster.

Mahalao for your continued support! -KK

Spend $100+ & Get A Free Book. Deal Ends Monday 8/21

Tiki Oasis is over but here's some of what's available at KahunaKevin.com right now, plus how to score FREE books.

1. Spend $100+ and get any 1 of my books FREE.

2. Spend $200+ and get any 2 of my books for FREE.

3. Spend $300+ and get my book trilogy signed, plus a men's or women's black logo shirt (whatever size is still available) FREE.

Deal for US Orders Only. Prices above = cart total before shipping. Offer ends Sunday 8/20 11:59PM. Just be sure to add a note during checkout to let me know which book/s you want. Mahalo for your support! -KK

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New Inventory Just Arrived!

A huge shipment of mugs just arrived from the fine folks at Eekum Bookum Tiki Mugs.

Everything is back in stock in limited quantities except for the Blue/Gold Open Edition Idols - Those reserve orders kept racking up and as soon as the shipment arrived they were already sold out. The next shipment should arrive around mid-August, so make sure to reserve order now to guarantee earliest delivery.

The best news today is the arrival of Open Edition Blue Lava Idols with real white gold bowls! The color combination of blues and silver really adds a "cool" appearance to the mug vs the warmer tones of the Red Lava mug. These two opposing color combinations look really awesome next to each other, so if you already have the Red Lava Idol in your Tiki mug collection, you may want to pick up his cooler brother.

These non-numbered Open Edition mugs are the same exceptional hand made quality as the other Idol mugs. Ships double-boxed and over packed to eliminate breakage during transit.

Mahalo for supporting small US businesses and buying products Made In America! You are supporting many families, not corporate shareholders.  -KK

Lots of inventory arriving July 25th!

3 large shipments of Idol mugs and Tiki Logs are on the way and scheduled to arrive July 25th. All open reserve orders will be shipping mid next week, so big mahalo for your patience!

Mug producer Eekum Bookum has been absolutely slammed making hundreds of mugs for large Tiki fesival projects like Tiki Oasis, so us little guys have wait a bit longer. Things should be smoothed out later this year as I hear Eekum Bookum is expanding their operations and adding one or two more mug firing kikns to their production line. This should hopefully minimize delays in the future. Less waiting makes everyone happy!

Kahuna Kevin's Summer Sale is GO!

Cocktail books, Blue/Gold Lava Idol Tiki Mugs, NumbSkull Tiki mugs, t-shirts and the last 3 Tiki Logs cocktail bowls I have in stock are all on discount! Summer is officially here so be sure to get all 3 of my cocktail books, save some cash and throw the best Tiki block party ever. Be someone!-KK

Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idols Just Added!

There's a handful of new Open Edition versions of the Idol Bastard Red Lava & Stone Tiki Mug. This is the same exact high quality handmade stoneware mug made in the USA, only no signature, no number, and no bonus cocktail recipe postcard.

The bonus is you get over $25 off the original $99 price! Hurry and order, as there's leftover logo cocktail coasters and vinyl stickers I'll be happy to throw in for free while supplies last. Thanks for your support! -KK

2 *NEW* Tiki Log Super Limited Cocktail Bowls Added! Sun Bleached Oak & Metallic Walnut

2 new super limited edition Tiki Logs arrived today and they look really cool. The light Oak has a sun bleached appearance and is super detailed, while the darker Walnut has a brilliant metallic chrome-like sheen, with a hint of chameleon color shifting to blue and purple spectrums depending on how the light hits it. Check out the photos in the Tiki Mugs section!

Inventory update 4/14

All 3 of my cocktail books are in stock and ship ASAP.

I'm down to the last 9 signed & nunbered Lava Stone Idol mugs. Add one to your Tiki mug collection before these limited edition gold clad bowl versions are sold out!

Brown Tiki Log Open Edition cocktail bowls are on backorder until new inventory arrives this weekend 4/15. With existing reserve orders there's only a small handfull from this new shipment until the next one, which could be mid-May. Definitely reserve order a Tiki Log if you want one, they don't stick around here too long.

Blue/Gold Idol Bastard Open Edition mugs are ready to ship as there's a few on hand. When these sell out new inventory should arrive sometime in May.

NumbSkull Tiki mugs are in stock and ready to ship ASAP.

Thanks for your business! -KK

More Lava Idol Mugs On The Way Soon!

Woohoo! The next batch of Lava Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs are in the kiln at Eeekum Bookum Tiki - That means you folks with Reserve Orders at www.KahunaKevin.com will have their Signed & Numbered mugs in the mail soon!

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November 22, 2018 UPDATE:

My 4th (signed) cocktail book is released!

Four volume book bundle product added to the shop. Get your X-Mas shopping done early!

Reusable Titanium swizzle straws for large Tiki mugs are available for purchase. Custom cut to 11.5-inches long and available in 2 brilliant finishes: Polished Silver or Heat Anodized, 3/8-inch round. Made in America, top quality!

Aromatic cocktail bitters & signed book bundles are available in very limited quantities - Less than 20 bottles produced each year. A special Double-Barrel aged version is now available!

All remaining T-shirts and Tank Tops are on sale!

All Tiki Mugs and Bowls are currently SOLD OUT. I'm lining up new mug producers and will have some exciting projects coming soon!

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