Kahuna Kevin's Bob Lebowski 'Bowling Bob' Bowling Ball Tiki Bowl #s 31-100 (Pre-Order)

$ 149.99


Photos will be constantly updated as production begins and progresses showing early behind the scenes 3D modeling work, Font ideas, production molds, glazing and more. Mugs are estimated to be completed and shipping by end of June (revised estimate). Thanks so much for helping fund this project! - KK

Custom manufactured by Lunacy FX for KahunaKevin.com based on Kevin's original concept sketch artwork. This is a hybrid between the famous Tiki Bob smiley face mug from Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii movie and a nod & wink to the cult classic The Big Lebowski movie, hence The Bob Lebowski 'Bowling Bob' bowl was born. 

Bowl #s 31-100: 50 Bowling Bobs will be available for sale as singles. The earliest orders will receive the lowest numbers pulled from inventory. Discounted bundles are available if you would like to purchase both the Pinhead Mug and Bowling Bob Bowl (see other products for availability).

Bowl Specifics (Subject to changes as production starts and prototypes are manufactured. Below is the target we're aiming to for):

  • Single piece bowl design approximately 6-7 inches round with flat base (not a pedestal) so it looks like an actual sitting bowling ball
  • Airbrush painted main body using a combination of custom blended purple chameleon and light refracting nano metal flake car paint that color shifts and sparkles depending on the room lighting and angle of viewing. It's going to look like an absolutely insane retro bowling ball! See example color swatch photos, but they don't do justice to the actual real life chameleon color shifting effects. Samples also missing sparkles
  • Stylized extruded rear The Bob Lebowski text with "Nobody Fucks With The Juices" subtext, a comical play on The Big Lebowski movie's "Nobody Fucks With The Jesus" line, meaning Hands Off My Drink!!! (Text fonts will change from concept art, for the better)
  • Mock bowling ball finger holes will be recessed and black to give depth. Toying with the idea of alternately making the top 2 holes actual funtional holes for holding straws. Maybe send out a poll to pre-orders to decide
  • Matte finish white glaze Tiki Bob face w/ glossy black eyes
  • Open port on bowl top for easy ice, drink and straw access
  • Food safe glossy black glaze inside
  • 100 pieces manufactured, custom painted and glazed by hand - 100% designed and Made in America supporting small U.S. businesses
  • All bowls numbered from 31 to 100, hand signed by Kahuna Kevin prior to shipping
  • Ships double-boxed, insured, Priority Mail 2-3 day

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MAY 22, 2019 UPDATE:

*Bob Lebowski Bowling Pin Tiki Mug & Bowling Ball Tiki Bowl pre-orders are OPEN! 100 of each will be produced, numbered & signed. Limited $40 OFF early backer bundle almost sold out. New photos added to product pages and check out the new Blog Update with prototype photos! Mahalo for your support! -KK*

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