Kahuna Kevin's Custom Ceramic Tiki Mugs & Tiki Bowls

All Tiki mugs and bowls are custom manufactured in the USA by legendary Tiki artists John Mulder of Eekum Bookum Tiki and Glen Helzer from PopTiki of Colorado. No two are identical due to the painstaking manual processes involved, making each mug or bowl fully functional drinking vessels and collectible high quality works of art.


04/16/2017 UPDATE:
Only 8 Signed & Numbered Lava Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs left!

NumbSkull Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Idol Bastard Blue & Gold Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Forest Brown Tiki Log cocktail bowls are in short supply & on sale! 2 new signed & numbered Super Limited Editions also added!

<<<- All 3 of my Tiki cocktail books are on sale. Save a bunch and own the entire trilogy - That's 136 unique Tiki drinks for your Summer parties!

Limited Edition men's & women's logo shirts are on BLOWOUT SALE! Gottta go, I need the space for mugs & shipping supplies.

There's also a very limited number of signed Vol. III book and aromatic cocktail bitters bundles if you're looking for something extra special.

Latest News

2 *NEW* Tiki Log Super Limited Cocktail Bowls Added! Sun Bleached Oak & Metallic Walnut

2 new super limited edition Tiki Logs arrived today and they look really cool. The light Oak has a sun bleached appearance and is super detailed, while the darker Walnut...

Inventory update 4/14

All 3 of my cocktail books are in stock and ship ASAP. I'm down to the last 9 signed & nunbered Lava Stone Idol mugs. Add one to your Tiki...

More Lava Idol Mugs On The Way Soon!

Woohoo! The next batch of Lava Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs are in the kiln at Eeekum Bookum Tiki - That means you folks with Reserve Orders at www.KahunaKevin.com will...

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