Kahuna Kevin's Tiki Cocktails Bar Guides - All New 2015 Releases!

Kahuna Kevin's award winning and (Amazon) 5-star rated Tiki cocktail books are packed with a combined 136 tasty tropical party drinks you won't find anywhere else. With over 5 years cocktail mixology research and development, Kevin's series contains some seriously delicious and unique Tiki libations. Using fresh fruit juices, top shelf rum, quality liqueur and other high-quality mixing ingredients, Kevin's drinks literally put the bar above the rest.

Intended for amateur cocktail enthusiasts to professional bartenders, Kahuna Kevin's Tiki bartending guides are not only sleek and sexy, but 100% practical, smartly designed and are something you'll cherish for decades. No other cocktail recipe book series offers this 'Mad Scientist' level of focus to push Tiki boundaries or create so many outlandishly awesome drinks. From completely revamping choice old classics to going above and beyond with wild new flavor combinations famous Tiki bars are just now starting to adopt - or haven't even considered adopting yet - Kevin's creativity and ingenuity fires on all cylinders within every page.

Kahuna Kevin has been consistently leading the pack since 2009, and he's not afraid to say it. You get out of a drink what you put into it, and it all starts with great rum and a dash of insanity.

What others are saying...

"One of the best cocktail books I've ever seen." - Kahuna Tiki
"Five Stars!" - Sean Fernandez
"I started making drinks page by page. I haven't found one I didn't like." - Rev. Renaldo
"Do not let the price tag get in your way." - Paul Senft


04/25/2017 UPDATE:
Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idol Tiki Mugs just added to the shop! Only $74 plus s&h.

The very last 4 Signed & Numbered Red Lava & Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs just arrived and are ready to ship.

NumbSkull Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Idol Bastard Blue & Gold Tiki mugs are on sale & ready to ship!

Forest Brown Tiki Log cocktail bowls are in short supply & on sale! 2 new signed & numbered Super Limited Editions also just added!

<<<- All 3 of my Tiki cocktail books are on sale. Save a bunch and own the entire trilogy - That's 136 unique Tiki drinks for your Summer parties!

Limited Edition men's & women's logo shirts are on BLOWOUT SALE! Gottta go, I need the space for mugs & shipping supplies.

There's also a very limited number of signed Vol. III book and aromatic cocktail bitters bundles if you're looking for something extra special.

Latest News

Open Edition Red Lava & Stone Idols Just Added!

There's a handful of new Open Edition versions of the Idol Bastard Red Lava & Stone Tiki Mug. This is the same exact high quality handmade stoneware mug made in...

Last 4 of the Signed/Numbered Red Lava & Stone Idols Left

Signed & Numbered Red Lava & Stone Idol Bastard Tiki Mugs are almost gone. Don't miss your chance to get the awesome custom drink recipe postcard, also signed and numbered...

2 *NEW* Tiki Log Super Limited Cocktail Bowls Added! Sun Bleached Oak & Metallic Walnut

2 new super limited edition Tiki Logs arrived today and they look really cool. The light Oak has a sun bleached appearance and is super detailed, while the darker Walnut...

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