Kahuna Kevin's Idol Bastard Tiki Mug: Blue Lava & Stone (Open Edition)

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Non-Numbered / Non-Signed Open Edition
The Blue Lava Stone Idol Bastard towers at 8.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches, holds a staggering 22+ oz liquid (10-12 oz with ice), and weighs in at over 2 pounds of high quality stoneware - it's one solid beast of a mug! The rear throne says "Kahuna Kevin's Tiki Bar" in raised stylized lettering and the front ceremonial bowl is clad with real white gold - oooh shiny!
On random mugs, the interior blue lava glaze may also drip over the lip edge to further make each mug stand out. The custom grey matte stone glazing style really does a fantastic job of showing off this mug's intricate details. Photographs do not do justice!

Every mug is totally unique due to the time consuming manual processes involved, so this makes every one look amazing when compared side by side with other mass produced mugs or even dual sets of Idols.

This Tiki mug is not just a drinking vessel but also a highly collectible work of art, and will arrive at your doorstep carefully double-boxed and over packed, completely eliminating the chance of damage or breakage.

Also includes the following free bonus swag while supplies last!
  • 1 Kahuna Kevin 3.5-inch Round Logo Vinyl Sticker


MARCH 19, 2019 UPDATE:

***Bob Lebowski Bowling Pin Tiki Mug and Bowling Ball Bowl pre-orders are now OPEN! Only 100 of each design will be produced, numbered and signed. Limited discounted Mug/Bowl early-bird bundles are available for those folks who want both at the best prices. Mahalo for your support - AND CHECK OUT THE NEW PROGRESS PHOTOS!

My 4th cocktail book is finally released! Snag an autographed copy of the first print while supplies last!

Four volume book bundle product added to the shop! Save even more $ when you purchase all 4 books. No coupon code needed!

Reusable Titanium swizzle straws for large Tiki mugs are available for purchase. Custom cut to 11.5-inches long and available in 2 brilliant finishes. 3/8-inch round. Hand made in America, top quality!

Aromatic cocktail bitters & signed book bundles are available in very limited quantities - Less than 20 bottles produced each year. A special Double-Barrel aged version is now available!

All remaining T-shirts and Tank Tops are on sale!

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My Bob Lebowski Bowling Pin Tiki Mugs and Bowling Ball Tiki Bowls will be available to pre-order this Monday March 4th at 6:00 PM PST. Only 100 of each design...

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