Kahuna Kevin's Tiki Cocktails Vol. III: 44 Tropical Drink Recipes - New 2015 Release

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~ Released 2015 ~

Contains Kahuna Kevin's Voodoo Nectar recipe awarded best cocktail of Tiki Oasis 2015

Kahuna Kevin's Tiki Cocktails Vol. III is the culmination of over 3 years cocktail R&D, and without a doubt the pinnacle of Kahuna Kevin's works spanning 6 years since 2009. Within these spiral bound glossy pages you'll find 44 primarily rum based cocktails that are leagues beyond anything you've been served in bars. Daiquiris, swizzles, rum bowls, grogs, punches, Mai Tai hybrids... The drink varieties cover all the bases, all the taste buds and beyond. The expertise in flavor combinations Kahuna Kevin pulls off here are not only clever, but quite frankly revolutionary.

Of the 44 outstanding cocktail recipes in Vol. III, 2 will actually require at-home preparation of a botanical gin infusion and cooking a pitch black spiced grog syrup in advance. Yes, there's 2 cocktails so lovingly crafted they require 2 full pages of instructions and custom ingredients. These cocktails are out of this world, and those lucky enough to be part of Kahuna Kevin's exclusive taste testing sessions or sample early versions at parties know they're well worth the extra effort.

Vol. III retains the same simplified recipe format as Vol. II, allowing easy ingredient substitutions or using Kahuna Kevin's exact ingredients (in parenthesis). The Ingredient Index also makes a return so you can quickly find drinks with your favorite ingredients. An ingenious new addition to Vol. III are the Drink Potency Skulls, allowing at-a-glance drink selections by their average strength. No more guesswork if a drink is too weak or too strong!

Combined with Vols. I-II, Kahuna Kevin's trilogy encompasses a total of 136 unique cocktails you won't find anywhere else, ever. If you own and love Kahuna Kevin's previous books and cocktails, owning Vol. III is a no-brainer.

As with the first 2 books, Vol. III is manufactured in the USA, printed on 100% recycled extra-thick liquid resistant coated card stock, with machine cut rounded corners and coil bound to lay flat on your bar. Simply put, it rocks.

“This book is well worth getting. I've been a devoted tikiphile for years and have become a bit jaded with "garden variety" cocktail recipes that rely on very traditional ingredients. This book has many recipes calling for more exotic ingredients...” - Diego Supernova
"I've made 5 drinks from Vol. 3. My picky wife & I are very impressed! You have an amazing talent." - Chris Cowherd
"We've made three cocktails so far, and they've all been fantastic!" - Doyle Rockwell
"Still working through all three of the books, awesome recipes!" - Will Parris

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