Kahuna Kevin's Tiki Cocktails Vol. IV: 54 Tropical & Experimental Drink Recipes - *NEW 2018 Release!*

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  • A collection of personal cocktail recipes & craft cocktail experiments created over a 3 year time span. I didn't intend to publish these recipes at first... They were my secret stash used only for parties and guests.
  • 54 all new cocktails, ranging from straight up Tiki, to not so Tiki, to remixes of my personal favorite drinks, plus experimental drinks that push and twist flavor boundaries like never before.
  • 10 of the drinks require my proprietary small batch Aromatic Cocktail Bitters invented back in 2015. The full bitters recipe is included in the book, plus a detailed process on how to batch them.
  • 62 Pages cover to cover, coil bound for actual bar use, printed on thick UV coated card stock that's liquid resistant.
  • Full Ingredient Index, plus all drinks ranked by Strength (# of Skulls) and Skill Level (Low, Medium, High).
  • The first 200 copies will be hand signed before shipping.
  • This is my best and last book. If you own and enjoy my other 3 volumes, you're going to be extremely happy with what I've done here.
  • Free Kahuna Kevin logo vinyl sticker with every purchase

The book details (long version cross-posted from the Tiki Central Forum)...

Books are in QC at the print shop as of October 3rd, nearing the proofing and printing stages, and I should be shipping your orders around the end of October.

Over 3 years of R&D work, and my best drinks, also my most experimental further taking Tiki drinks (and some not so Tiki drinks) beyond the norm. Super happy with how these turned out. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them. 

My once Top Secret aromatic cocktail bitters recipe created in 2015 is also included with a very detailed set of instructions on how to batch them, plus 10 recipes that use these amazing tasting bitters. Nothing else like them on the market! 

This book officially has 54 all new cocktails total cover to cover. All drinks rated by Skulls to indicate strength, and also rated by Skill Level, plus a full 2-page index of all ingredients and what page those ingredients are on. Plus Skull and Skill ratings indexed by page if you want a particular strength drink or easiest to make, etc. 

Mahalo for your support since 2009 and I can't wait to get this out to everyone who orders. As a thanks, the first 200 books will be signed in metallic paint pen on the inside cover. 

Cheers! -KK

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November 22, 2018 UPDATE:

My 4th (signed) cocktail book is released!

Four volume book bundle product added to the shop. Get your X-Mas shopping done early!

Reusable Titanium swizzle straws for large Tiki mugs are available for purchase. Custom cut to 11.5-inches long and available in 2 brilliant finishes: Polished Silver or Heat Anodized, 3/8-inch round. Made in America, top quality!

Aromatic cocktail bitters & signed book bundles are available in very limited quantities - Less than 20 bottles produced each year. A special Double-Barrel aged version is now available!

All remaining T-shirts and Tank Tops are on sale!

All Tiki Mugs and Bowls are currently SOLD OUT. I'm lining up new mug producers and will have some exciting projects coming soon!

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