Kahuna Kevin's Tiki LOG! 25oz+ Bowl: Forest Brown (Open Edition)

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classic tiki bob mug from elvis presley blue hawaii movie     tiki log toy from the ren and stimpy tv show blammo! cartoon

Tiki LOG! is a mutated hybrid of the classic Tiki Bob mug made famous by Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii movie and LOG! toy from the early 1990's Ren & Stimpy TV Show cartoons.

Tiki LOG! towers confidently at 9-inches tall, about 5.5-inches wide at the top and slightly tapers downwards to 4.25-inches wide at his base giving him a very cool retro vibe. Tiki LOG! holds over 25-ounces of your favorite rum punch and plenty of crushed ice - that's the equivalent to 5 Mai Tai cocktails or enough drink to take down a Gilded Yak!

Tiki LOG!'s two branch nubs also double as straw access ports, plus the bowl's large rear ice/drink port also accommodates another couple straws letting you share with a large group of guests. Tiki LOG! is basically an awesome friend making party animal. Bring him out while everyone's in a half-drunken stupor and watch the real fun begin!

Custom produced in the USA for Kahuna Kevin by legendary Tiki mug artist John Mulder of Eekum Bookum. According to John, Tiki LOG! is the largest bowl he's produced.

Thanks again for supporting another one of my crazy projects. We did it! We actually made Tiki LOG! a reality! Mahalo - KK

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06/222/2017 UPDATE:
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